sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2015

Clinical Case in Psychoanalysis VI – The healing potential of Past Lives Therapy; or PLT, reality or product of unconscious? José Anastácio de Sousa Aguiar (English version)

No matter how much she tried, Cassandra could not get along with her daughter. She told me that she had tried everything. First she sought counselling with her religious group, then she tried a psychologist and, most recently, she went to a psychiatrist, but all with no success.
The upset mother reported that her daughter felt uncomfortable in her presence since an early age and things were getting worse as time passed by. At her current age of 19, Poliana was unresponsive to her mother. The relationship between the young lady and her father and older siblings was tense but bearable.
After two appointments of traditional therapy, I suggested that we try hypnosis. This could provide relaxation for Cassandra's anguished condition. This would also produce valuable information that would make the therapy more helpful. Cassandra said that she had heard of hypnosis before, but was not aware of its benefits as a healing tool. This would then be her first experience of hypnosis.
Over the three following sessions, Cassandra described, with deep emotion, that her daughter had been her opponent in two past lives. First, in a political scenario in the American Civil War, and secondly, more recently, at the end of 19th Century, when they both came as men and disputed the love of the same lady. With this information, it was possible to increase the healing effect of the analytic therapy. Both of them, after understanding the reasons that kept them apart, could forgive each other.
After an extensive treatment, Cassandra asked me if the events she lived in past lives were real or just fruits of her unconscious. I answered that she would be the best person to answer that question, since what she lived was absolutely personal and only she could make this judgement. After a quick reflection, she agreed: “In reality, no words can describe what I felt, saw and lived. But what is really important is my redemption from my past mistakes and the opportunity to restart my relationship with my daughter in self-consciousness and peace.”
José Anastácio de Sousa Aguiar
*names, sex and some details were altered to protect the identity of patients.